How To Do Your Own Brake Checks?

Your car brakes may not be the most attractive part of your car but you can bet on it, they are very important. Along with the convenience that comes with a car, your safety and that of other road users is much more important than anything else. Proper brake maintenance is very significant when it comes to the overall longevity and functionality of your car. It is very important therefore that drivers take brake checks very seriously.


Why you should check your car brakes.

There are several reasons as to why you should do brake checks.

· Preventing damage of the brake rotors is one of the most important reasons.
· Prolongs the life of your braking system in particular and that of the vehicle in general.
· Reduces the cost of repairs in the even there is failure or malfunction of the brakes.
· A braking system that is functioning properly translates to better fuel economy and longer lasting tires.
· Faster turn-around during repairs because with regular brake checks, the brakes are normally in good conditions therefore lesser time is taken to deal with the problem.
· You may get a good price for the car since it is well maintained and therefore greater value is placed on it.
It is good to carry out brake checks as often as possible. This however depends on your style off driving and where you drive. Vehicles driven in the urban areas experience faster wearing of brakes than those driven on rural roads. Basically, it is advisable to check your brakes every time you get the car serviced. Some vehicle experts also advise a comprehensive brake check every 4-5 months. Always refer to the car owner’s manual so that you may know how to exactly handle your particular make of vehicle.

Step By Step Guide To Checking Your Car Brakes.

Most vehicles will alert the driver when there is a problem with the brakes by notifications on the dashboard. You can also know whether you need to attend to your brakes if you are a keen driver and you sense that your vehicle is not braking as it should. Here are some things that you can look out for.


Brake pads will become noisy when they get worn out and need replacement. The sound is usually like metallic scraping from the wheel. As the wear gets worse, the sound will become louder. This is always deliberately designed to happen to get the attention of drivers.

Have a look at the wheels.

As brake pads wear, they deposit dust on the wheels and rims. The dust is usually very fine and grey in color. This dust continues to accumulate a sign of continued wear. You will notice that soon, no dust deposit will be available on the wheels which means that the pads are completely worn and therefore need replacement.

Car Maintenance

Observing the brake pad.

In most car models, it is possible to see the brake pads through the wheel. You can use this to check if the brake pad needs replacement. If the pad seems thinner than a quarter of an inch, then it needs replacement as soon as possible.
Sometimes it is not possible to see the brake pads and rotor if you have not removed the wheel. In this instance, you can do the following;

· Jack up the vehicle and remove the wheel. Preferably the front one.

· Inspect the brake disc or rotor without removing it from the wheel. If you are doing this without the help of a professional, just check for uneven wear, scoring and heavy rust. If the rust is very heavy due to idle sitting, or the pads are unevenly worn or scored badly, get a professional to recommend whether to replace or have the pads ground.

· Check the brake caliper. This is the part that hangs above the brake disc and possibly obstructing you from seeing the entire rotor. Shake the caliper gently to make sure it is not loose and that the mounting is not worn.

· The caliper has an inspection hole on the dust shield that allows you to see the brake pads. Check for the thickness which should not be less than a quarter of an inch, otherwise they need replacement.

· Check for leakages from piping that brings in brake fluid to the brake unit at the wheel. Any leaks are signs of potential problems and therefore need professional attention.

· Once you have identified the problems or ascertained that everything is okay, replace the wheel, and lower the vehicle. Any problems that require adjustment, replacement or grinding must be left to a professional.

Brake Checks

Professional brake checks.

If you are unable to identify what the problem is but keep experiencing poor braking, then it is time to get a professional auto shop in Singapore to have a look at the entire systems. For the most part, most auto shops will give you a free brake check to identify the problem. This will include checking the hydraulic parts as well as electronic components that make up the braking system.

A professional auto shop will make sure that all problems are brought to book and proper solutions put in place. Some of the units may be replaced or services so as to function properly. A quote will be given to you before any corrective measures can be undertaken so that you can make decisions on whether to enlist their services.

Ensure that you go for the best auto shop so as to get value for money when getting your brakes repaired and parts replaced, cheap is always expensive in the long run so make sure you are looking for good value for your money rather than affordability. Whenever there is a part to be replaced, make sure it is of good quality to avoid breakdowns.

Look for auto shops that give warranties on their services. It is likely that if a service provider gives a warranty, they are confident in their services and parts.

Professionalism should take center stage whenever you are getting brake check services in Singapore. Ensure that the technicians are well trained and the auto shop computerized to be able handle sensitive braking systems that come with high end models.

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