How Many Kilometres Before You Need To Service Your Vehicle?

Regular maintenance is one of the biggest secrets to extending the life of your vehicle’s engine as well as sparing your pocket from costly repairs and fuel inefficiency. You need not wait until you see black smoke in the exhaust or when preparing for a long distance trip. If you lack the basic mechanical know-how to fix a few things like oil change, you may want to engage an expert to get it serviced. Vehicles are machines in motion, and as such, they are exposed to friction, heat and dirt which cause wear and tear of parts or even total breakdown due to deterioration and strain. Sometimes these break downs can occur at the most inconvenient times, leaving you helpless or frustrated.


How Do I Know When to Service the Car?

The Service Manual

One of the most important documents is the car service manual. This is the key to keeping the car in good repair, if you follow the schedule of course. It is usually a card written by the vehicle manufacturer detailing
· When to get the car serviced
· When to perform maintenance tasks such as oil change
· When to replace some parts for optimal performance

The service manual is one of the best maintenance tools as it shows you when service is due so that you can budget for the appropriate resources. When you follow the service manual as directed by the manufacturer, you
· Get fewer breakdowns and inconveniences
· Save on unnecessary repairs
· Keep your car engine at top shape
· Get better car performance
· Improve fuel efficiency

Dashboard Messages

Whenever your car needs servicing, you will get warning signs on the dashboard. These warning messages cover a range of issues such as engine condition, level of coolant and oil, tyre pressure, the braking system among many other issues depending on your car’s make. If you are not sure what each warning message means, you can always look at your car manual.
Some messages may indicate something serious and urgent which may require you to pull off on the roadside, stop the engine and address the issue before going any further. Other messages may not be that urgent so they will allow you the time to get to a gas station to have the vehicle checked out. It is advisable to check out the meaning of any dashboard warning message immediately to avoid costly repairs as well as prevent harm to yourself and other road users.

What Goes On During Vehicle Servicing?

It is a common misconception that every vehicle should have filter and oil change every 3 months or 5,000 kilometres (whichever comes first). Well, at least that is what the local serviceman recommends whenever you take your car for an oil check.
But of course once you take the car for servicing, the savvy technician will up-sell recommendations to you on engine flushes, air filters, transmission fluid changes, fuel system cleaning, coolant services and so much more, each with its own price tag. The usual accompanying line, of course, is a stern warning to take immediate action.

Car Maintenance

In order to get it right with your car without paying for unnecessary services, here is what you need to know.

The Service offered
Manufacturer Recommendation
Local Technician Recommendation
Engine oil and filter changes
6,000km or 6 months
5,000km or 3 months
Air filter checks (Cabin)
48,000km or 24 months
30,000-40,000 km
Air filter checks (Fuel Tank)
48,000km or 24 months
30,000-40,000 km
Change of Coolant Fluid
48,000km or 24 months
Transfer case
Every 100,000 km
Every 50,000 km
Transmission fluid (automatic)
168,000km or 84,000 months
Every 50,000 km

If you are like most people, you probably clock 10,000 to 30,000km per year so you may take your car to the service man every 6 months. It is more prudent to follow the manufacturer’s manual for service recommendations. This may sometimes mean ignoring the recommendations of your local technician for repeated maintenance sessions. The debate surrounding the frequency of oil change is endless. The fact remains, however, that the more you change the engine oil the better it will perform. Regardless of your own personal views or the influences of your local techie, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s manual.

There are a few things that may influence the frequency of oil change, top among them being:

· Distance travelled
· Time spent since the last servicing
· Number of cold starts
· Distance travelled in extreme temperatures
· Periods of short drives or idling

Full Vehicle Servicing

Periodically, as stipulated in the service manual, you need to do full car servicing. This is a lot more than changing oils, fluids and air filters. Full service should be done at least once a year or as recommended by the manufacturer. This is what is included in a full service:
Engine Service

A lot goes on when servicing the engine. These are the compulsory checks that should be conducted;

· Engine oil (drain and refill as required)
· Oil filters
· Oil leaks
· Timing/cambelt (replace if necessary)
· Radiator
· Coolant cap seals, condition, security and leaks
· Electric cooling fan
· Alternator or fan belt (adjust or replace where necessary)
· Air filters
· Spark plugs
· Antifreeze (minimum temperature, strength and amount)
· Under tray (security and condition)

Fuel System Checks

· Condition of cap seals
· Condition of fuel lines
· Condition of fuel filters

Car Servicing

The Drive System

This is not one of the services that are offered in periodic maintenance so it is important to have this done when you take the vehicle for full service. The following are checked (and corrected where necessary)
· Clutch operation
· Gearbox operation
· Clutch fluid levels
· Drive shaft gaiters and leaks
· Grease shaft
· Axle and trans axle fluid
· Gearbox fluid

Electrical Works

You need not wait for a ticket over a busted or ill working light. The vehicle’s electrical wok should be carried out during the full vehicle service. The check include
· All lights (interior and exterior)
· Horn operation
· Heater plug light (for diesel vehicles)
· Battery condition, terminals and security
· Dashboard lights
· Starter motor
· High tension leads and alternator charging condition

Suspension and Steering Works

These are essential as they help boost the comfort and safety of your driving experience. The following are checked
· Power steering and suspension components, reservoir and rack gaiters
· Shock absorber efficiency
· Wheel bearings

Break System

The entire break system is checked for efficiency. The following checks are carried out
· Brake pads, callipers and shoes
· Wheel cylinder (condition and leaks)
· Brake hydraulic system, hoses, pipes
· Handbrake travel and linkage
· Brake drums and discs
· Brake fluid (boil, condition and level) and bleed system
· Break servo

Wheels and Tyres

· Check whether you have the correct size of tyres as well as the condition (thread).
· Check the pressure and balance of the tyres and adjust accordingly if need be
· Set torque to recommended manufacturer settings


This helps to ensure that you can see everything as you drive. The technician checks the condition and operation of the windscreen wiper and washer jets
· Check all mirrors’ exterior conditions (cracks, chips)
· Check condition of the vehicle number plate
· Other general checks that are done during full service
· Cabin filters, seatbelts, door locks, door hinges and bonnet catch.

As you can see, a lot should be done on your vehicle periodically to maintain optimal performance. You need not wait until the recommended maintenance date to get your car serviced; always respond to warning lights in good time. With regular maintenance, you will enjoy good performance for long.

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