How Often Should You Top Up Your Coolant?

If you want to enjoy prolonged services from your car, then proper maintenance is not an option. You have to ensure that the car is regularly serviced as provided for by the manufacturer. Car maintenance covers a broad area, and one thing that must be understood is that each of these sections is different in the frequency of maintenance or service. Some may need regular checking while others may take a while before the next service.

Among the areas that you must be very careful about and should be checked regularly is the cooling system. With its coolant, it plays a huge role in the car system, and failure to have it checked regularly can cause severe damages.


It is worth to note that for a car engine to run; a lot of heat is produced. Mostly, the heat comes as a result of the combustion in the engine chambers and also friction. This heat must be transferred from the engine, or the metals will heat up and melt down. This is why the coolant is required as a medium of heat transfer from the engine system so as to maintain a certain temperature level for the car to function properly. To achieve this temperature, all heat producing sections including cylinder walls, combustion chamber, heads and the entire engine block must be cooled. But you must also factor in that the quality of the coolant is central in all this. As the coolant gets used in the system, it deteriorates with time and thus requires being changed.

First, it is important to know what can trigger the topping up of the coolant. There are many reasons why coolant should regularly be topped up. These main reasons as to why:

• The presence of a leakage in the system can lead to the decrease in the volume of the solution. You, therefore, need to rectify the leakage and also top up the amount regularly.

• The deterioration of the current coolant can also be a factor. If the solution is overused, it may become acidic, rusty and be contaminated and thus it requires to be changed or be topped up.

The question on how often should you top up your coolant can be answered in several ways. Several factors are to be considered while determining on how often the coolant should be topped up. One factor to consider is the level of this solution for the system to function efficiently. In most of the modern car, the frequency of topping up the coolant is determined by the distance or kilometers traveled by car. In most late-model vehicles requires that you change the solution after specified amount of kilometers and thus you must ensure that in between, the level is maintained. That notwithstanding, several factors will determine when to top up your coolant.


• Distance covered

Most of the car has certain mileage after which you are required to top up or change the coolant. In the late-model cars such as the Ford engines, they need that you change the coolant after 161,000 first and the 80,500 kilometers thereafter. This distance is independent of time, and thus you cannot say that after 14 days is when the coolant should be topped up. If the kilometers are covered in two months or years, then you will be required to top up the solution. If the car is used for long distance traveling, then the solution levels should be checked regularly, and the topping up should also be done periodically. Cars that are mostly parked and used for driving to work may take a longer time before the coolant is topped up.

• Age of the car

This is another crucial factor that highly determines how often the coolant can be should be topped. New cars do not have a problem with coolant since the metal is still new and do not have a high percentage of wear and tear. The opposite is on the old car that has high rates of wear and tear. Old cars are likely to deteriorate the coolant fast, and thus its levels should be checked regularly. Based on the vehicle age, it will depend on how often you top up your coolant to a larger extent.

• Car model

The model of the car is another factor that will determine how often you the coolant is topped. For example, Ford engines and Subaru engines have different specifications on when to change the coolant and the same goes to the topping up the same. If you are driving a Ford engine, then you need to have frequent topping up as compared to the Subaru. The model of the car is a great determinant on when you should top up the content of the cooling system.

• Quality of the coolant

The market has different qualities of the coolant. The higher the quality of the coolant, the longer it is likely to last. Most of the coolants come with a label days at which you should top up or even change the coolant. Make sure that your car is using high-quality coolant possible to reduce the frequency at which you change it. Substandard or cheap coolant requires frequent topping up and thus you should avoid it if possible.


• Manufacturer regulations

In most instances, the manufacturer can provide details on when the coolant should be topped up. Some of the late-model cars like the Mercedes provide strict guidelines on when and how the coolant should be topped up and changed. Some may have a clear interval that the coolant should be topped up, and this should be followed as per the instructions. In some cases, the car may provide the customers with information on the best coolants for the engine.

It is clear from this information that how often you top up the coolant depends on different factors. It is not possible to have a bracket classification on how often the coolant should be topped up. Each car is unique based on its usage, and this will definitely be a crucial factor in this. Several factors as described above must also be considered to determine when to top up this solution. It is also important to let your coolant be tested for acidity regularly to ensure that it does not destroy the engine.

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