Why Regular Car Servicing Is Important

Most car owners with cars that are fairly new go to their main dealer for car servicing. This is a good approach as it guarantees correct servicing, they provide the latest software updates and apply minor rectification work. In addition, the car owner gets a main dealer service stamp that is very important. Servicing a car is very important and that is why it should not be ignored. Fairly new cars ought to be regularly serviced in order to maintain the validity of the warranty. Incorrect servicing or missing service altogether has the potential to void the warranty and can result in expensive repair eventually.

Car Servicing

The exact kind of work performed during a car service is a factor of the vehicle’s age, model and make. However, some of the basic things that it in entails are as follows:

• Changing engine oil.
• Changing air filter.
• Replacing spark plugs
• Replacing antifreeze engine coolant.
• Replacing brake fluid.
• Replacing power-steering fluid.
• Thorough safety check.

The list above is far from exhaustive as there are other actions performed during servicing.


The car manual is the most ideal place to check for the correct service interval. It normally explains how often it should be performed and essential systems and components to check.

Older cars require frequent servicing compared to their new counterparts. However, six months should be the maximum period for a car to go without servicing. Nonetheless, car owners should not overlook the fact that their car is underperforming just because it is not due for service yet.

Car servicing schedules come in two main types i.e. fixed schedule service and variable servicing. The type of car that one buys is what determines the frequency of servicing that will be required.

Fixed schedule service –
This needs your car to visit a service center after a certain time limit or mileage, the first one to happen.

Variable servicing –
This is dependent on the type of sensors that have been fitted on a car as well as its on-board computer that informs the user when it requires servicing via the dashboard. It is an approach that is more flexible thus allowing more miles to be covered in-between services. It is good for drivers that take long trips.

Car Servicing


There are various reasons why cars should be serviced regularly, the main ones are as follows:

• Regular servicing functions to extend the service life of mechanical components.
• It ensures that cars are generally safe to use.
• It makes a car roadworthy.
• It significantly increases the reliability of a car.
• It is beneficial because it provides the user with greater economy.
• Regular servicing is good because increases the resale value of a car.


The cost of servicing a car greatly varies from one manufacturer to the next, between independents and dealerships. It also depends on the car’s mileage. Nonetheless, most manufacturers have now created service menus that are aimed at simplifying things. These menus are available on their official websites.

Fixed-price car servicing –
These service plans are gaining popularity by the day. They are most applicable to new car buyers. The options available under fixed-price car servicing are:

• Single payment at the time the car is purchased.
• Direct monthly debits on a regular basis.

It is beneficial because rising charges does not affect the price.

Car servicing deals –
Car servicing always have promotions now and again. This is a feature that is very popular amongst main dealers. Furthermore, low-cost or free health checks are also gaining popularity with dealerships as they offer to test the car’s safety, testing the air conditioning, check tyres, battery, antifreeze etc.


The quantity of time that a car will take in service is a function of the kind of service that it was booked in for. A typical car normally has 3 levels of routine service, these are:

• Minor or interim service.
• Full service.
• Major service.

Minor service consumes the shortest amount of time while a full service might take several hours. This is why car owners that go for full service are advised to drop off their vehicles at the service center and return at a later time.

Major service is required severally during the service life of a car. It entails replacing parts such as cambelt that is more expensive and complex. This will require you to leave the car at a service garage for close to a whole day.

Car Servicing

Logbook service

Logbooks are written by original manufacturers of the car and it helps in indicating the aspect of car that requires attention. Different vehicle models have various parts and all of them have varying maintenance demands. Therefore, logbook service period is bound to vary between cars.

Logbook services tend to be more thorough compared to regular maintenance service and they cost much more.


There are various ways by which to maintain a car in between services so that it is in very god condition, they include the following:

Right fuel

You should always strive to only put the right fuel into your car. This is what will help the engine to run efficiently and provide a long service life. Bad fuel can result in engine hesitation, decreased power and engine knocking.

Drive responsibly

Excessive revving, bad gear changes and incorrect breaking habits can negatively impact your car’s performance. Therefore, for longevity of your car, drive responsibly.

Regular cleaning

Clean your car on a regular basis so that its appearances are kept. It helps to remove stray particles, dirt and salt that have been picked up along the way. It is important to do this so as to avoid damaging the vehicle’s body and even causing rust.

The tips listed above are not exhaustive as there are many more ways to maintain a car in-between services.


Regular servicing is a factor that most car owners tend to overlook but the above insightful information advises otherwise. It is advisable to only use the services of a professional mechanic in servicing your car for the best results. In addition, choose carefully where you get your car serviced, their rates vary and so does the quality.

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