What Are The Best Kept Secrets About Car Servicing?

If you keep your car in good shape, then you are less likely to incur hefty repair costs in future. Yearly car servicing and maintenance is highly recommended by the experts for a good reason. For example, faults or problems are easier caught before they become worse. Furthermore, fixing faults or problems as soon as they arise means your repair costs will be cheaper and your car will have a much better resale value. Continue reading to learn some of the best kept secrets of car servicing.

Car Servicing

A properly maintained car is highly efficient. As a result, you save fuel costs too. Also, if you wish to make a claim on warranty, you may be expected to produce a comprehensive service record. The service manual of your car is important particularly if you wish to keep your automobile in good shape through proper repair procedures. Since a car manual is prepared by professionals who built the car, it should ideally show:

- The ideal service periods.
- The frequency of regular maintenance that may be necessary for your car.
- And situations where replaceable parts ought to be changed.

Manufacturers of automobiles often advise car owners to make good use of the automobile's service manual especially for purposes of planning ahead for costs you are likely to incur in servicing and maintenance costs. If you would like to spend minimal amounts on these procedures, it is a good idea to follow the exact schedule available in your automobile's service manual. Dealerships and oil change shops will often recommend oil change almost twice more than you car needs.

Keep Checking On Dashboard Messages

Modern cars are now built to provide warning messages on the dashboard. The messages cover different topics and issues like the engine, braking system, coolant and oil levels, tyre pressure and many more. So, if you examine the manual of your car, you will notice that it explains all the lit-up warning messages and what they mean. Furthermore, they also specify what should be done to prevent further damage to the car. Some messages are very urgent and they may require you to stop the engine immediately. Therefore, if a lit-up message shows up on your dashboard, do not ignore it. Check it immediately because it will save you a lot of money you would otherwise spend on hefty repair and car servicing costs. If you choose to ignore the messages you will also be endangering other motorists. If you lack funds, you might be tempted to skip car servicing. However, if you choose to do so, you will incur even greater costs later on.

Watch The Cambelt

Always check the service manual of your car to determine when your automobile is due for a cambelt replacement. This varies from one car to another but on average, replacement of the cambelt should be done around 70,000 - 80,000 miles. The process of replacing a cambelt may seem a little costly but be warned that it could seriously damage your engine if it stops functioning. So, make sure it is replaced as recommended in the service manual of your car.

Car Servicing

Take Care of The Tyres

Caring for the tyres of your car ensures you are always safe while you drive. Furthermore, it saves you tons of money. If your car has tyres that are in bad shape, they could easily burst and make the car lose control. They could also lose traction particularly in bad weather and an accident is likely to occur. Therefore, make sure the recommended tyre pressure is maintained at all times and keep checking it on a regular basis. Over-inflated or under-inflated tyres wear out unevenly. So, you may need to make a replacement sooner than normal. Car manufacturers also recommend checking of tyre tracking as frequently as possible. Wheels that are not properly aligned tend to wear out unevenly. Tyres are not cheap, so you can save some money if you get your car aligned from time to time.

To get the most from car servicing from a reliable service provider, check on the aspects outlined below:

- The pricing should be open and transparent.
- Clear information regarding all faults and problems ailing your car.
- Superior quality work done based on tasks agreed on. Moreover, the service provider should deliver within an agreed time.

Prior to getting in touch with a garage, it is advisable that you check the service manual of your car regarding the specific service your car requires including the tasks and checks included. Once you have ascertained this, follow the simple tips specified below:

- Before your car is serviced, always request to be provided with a comprehensive breakdown detailing the repair work and the costs required. This enables you to check how the total cost was arrived at. All parts, costs and VAT should be included.

- Also, find out from the garage whether or not they will follow the manufacturers guidelines and procedures. Original parts should be used as well.

- To get the best price, compare quotes from different service providers and pick the garage that offers value for money. Do not opt for the cheapest though as this is likely to cause even more problems.

- When comparing different prices, compare all aspects. For example, you can do a good comparison by looking at the work items and the price estimates.

There are numerous car-care service centers all over Singapore that are capable of checking your car regularly or at specific intervals. By having your car regularly inspected by a mechanic, mechanical issues can be detected before they occur. With proper car servicing and maintenance, your car can serve you for many years to come. When it comes to car servicing, you can save a considerable amount of money if you choose the dependable car maintenance service providers as opposed to the dealers who are likely to charge a lot more. Always make sure your chosen car service shop uses the recommended grade of oil based on guidance of your automobile's manual. These are just some of the secrets that will keep your car going for a long time.

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