Is It Expensive To Repair Or Replace Car Bumper?

Just like any other ordinary repair, bumpers can either be expensive or cheaper depending on a number of factors. Replacement or repair depends on several factors that should be put into consideration but the matter is that different bumper re[pairs are not extremely expensive hence they are affordable. It is better to do a repair than the overall replacement or buying of new bumpers. Those who have gone for replacement and repairs for their bumpers in Singapore can bear witness that it is relatively cheaper to replace and repair bumpers in Singapore. However, the cost of repairing or replacement depends on the following factors in Singapore:


1.The extent of damage of the bumper.

The extent of damage caused on your car bumper will also determine the cost of repairing your car bumper. If it is just a mere scratch or a small dent then the cost will be lower and relatively affordable. If it is a major accident and the bumper is greatly dismantled then the cost of repairing and replacing it will be higher. Different companies in Singapore normally use this criterion to evaluate and determine the cost of replacement and repairs. In addition if the repair entails application of paint then the cost will be a little bit higher.

2.The model of the car.

Question of whether it is expensive to repair and replace a car bumper will also depend on the model of your car. Different cars have different market value. Heavy and luxurious cars such as ford and limousines are general expensive and their spare parts are extremely costly. This implies that the cost of repairing and replacing your bumper will depend largely on the model. Average classes of cars such as Isuzu and Toyota model are relatively cheaper to repair because their spare parts are readily available and less expensive.

3.The size of the car.

The size of the car also plays instrumental roles in determining the expenses that you are likely to incur during replacement and repair of your car bumper. It is generally known that bumpers for small cars are expensive and therefore the cost of maintenance is likely to be more expensive than large trucks and vehicles. However, this will largely depend on the local arrangements that you have with your repairing company. Some companies tend to offer flat rate services for replacing and repairing of car bumper.

4.The auto company doing repair and replacement.

The auto repair company doing your repair and replacement is also a major factor that will determine whether your bumper replacement and repair would be expensive or not. This is because different replacement and repairing companies offers its replacement and repair services at different prices. This means that it is important to go for a company that you are familiar with in Singapore. The reputation of the repairing company also matters a lot. There are some bogus companies that are only after exploitation of the clients and do a shoddy repair at exorbitant costs.AS a car owner, you need to take caution and stick to one auto repair company that will always place priority on your needs.


5.The nature of repair done.

The nature of the repair done on your bumper also plays a central role in determining the cost of repairing or even replacing the bumper. If you choose to go for premium high quality repairs then chances are that the cost may go higher a little bit as compared with ordinary low quality repair. In most cases, companies offering high quality repairs tend to charge additional fees.


The cost of replacing or repairing the bumpers of your car will also heavily depend on the insurance of your car. If your car is covered by insurance then the cost will be relatively be low and the car owner will not feel the pinch. This is because most insurance companies in Singapore will cater and meet the cost of replacing and repairing your bumpers. It is always prudent to insure your car so as to cut down the expenses that may arise in cases of accidents. It is also worth noting that not all insurance agencies would cater for minor damages such as minor dents thus it is important to understand the extent of insurance cover of your car before going on insurance agencies.

7.The urgency that the car owner wants repair to be done.

The time limit of conducting bumper replacement and repair is a major factor for determine the cost. For instance, if you want a quick repair then you need to make booking and immediate repair will be done within the time you want your repair to be completed. However, if you are not in a hurry, then the cost would definitely be low and relatively cheaper. This means that the cost will depend on your urgency and the stipulated time. The quicker you need your bumpers repaired, the higher the cost because the mechanics will be forced to leave all the other ongoing repairs and concentrate on your car.

Therefore basing on all the above factors, it is vividly clear that the question of whether it is expensive to replace, repair, bumper of your car largely depends on a variety of the above discussed factors. However, it is important to note that this will also depend on your personal relationship with the repairing company and it is good to note that most companies in Singapore do not have fixed prices thus there is always room for bargaining and negotiation. This means that it is good to go for a company that has a long standing experience in handling car bumper repairs and replacement services. Most good companies will offer attractive discounts to its customers. The cost of repair is lower than buying a new bumper thus if you want to save your cash, then it is wise to go for repairs and replacement of bumpers than buying new bumpers. There is no need to worry about the cost. The prime factor to consider is the nature of services offered.

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