How To Repair Simple Car Dents?

In Singapore, a car owner’s personality is known from the appearance of his/her car. Everybody tries their best to keep their car dents free. At the end of the day what matters is the spic and span look of car. Most of the people in Singapore drive their car keeping their car a long distance away from the car beside. It is not about the car dents or related repair that matter, but it is about maintaining appearance. When car is your sole way of transportation, the parts of body are prone to wear and tear. Apart from that, accidents never come with a warning. If you have small dents on your car and you ignore it in the first hand those are going to grow bigger. If you repair small car dents from the very beginning, you may not have to spend a lot of money on repair later. This article is about repairing of small dents on your car.


1. Hairdryer method

This method can be used to repair both small and big dents on your car. This is a simple method which can be used by anybody. For employing this method, you need to have two people at time at minimum. One needs to apply the hairdryer over the dent and the other person needs to push the dent from inside. If you are treating a big dent also you need to follow the same procedure. If you wish to expedite the method, you can employ two hairdryers instead of one.

2. Using dry ice to fix a simple dent

When carbon dioxide is made available in the frozen form it is called dry ice. The nature of dry ice is such that, it can give you very cold temperature. It has been tested that the temperature of dry ice can reach -110 F. With this cold temperature, you can mount the chunk of ice on the dent of your car. The cold ice makes the surface of the metal cold. When the cold metal surface of your car interacts with the hot atmosphere, the metal at the dent exhumes and the dent gets fixed. This method can be used to treat both small and big dents. You should use this method with sheer precaution by wearing gloves. Generally you don’t need to apply this method more than once. If you don’t see the results in the very first attempt, you need to try this method again till you get the desirable result.

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3. Suction of plunger can fix the dent

This is one of most innovative existing methods to remove dents from your car. This method is applied to fix smaller dents specifically. The procedures of this method are pretty simple. You just need to arrange a standard toilet plunger. Along with that you need to arrange a suction cup. You need to place the suction cup on the dent of your car. Generally a bigger size of the suction cup is mostly preferable. As long as the seal between the dented surface and the plunger remains intact, the method proves to be a harbinger. This method can be tried by anybody with ease. The method doesn’t involve much cost. You shouldn’t use this method to repair dents in areas nearer to windows and wheels.

4. Dent puller kit

To fix small dents, dent puller kits are available in the market. These kits can be used to fix small dents but these may not be that effective for the big dents. You simply need to use this kit on the dent of your car at the same time hammering the dent from inside. You need two people while employing this method. This is a special tool specifically meant for car dents. You can get these tools in the shops selling auto parts.

5. Applying heat to treat dent

You need two both heating apparatus and compressed air sprayer for applying this method. The heating apparatus is used to heat the surface of the metal where the dent is there. You should heat the metal surface for around 30 seconds. As the metal surface get heated, you need to blow compresses air over the heated surface of the metal. Generally the compressed air is colder than the than the atmospheric air. As the compressed air is forced upon the metal surface a sudden imbalance on the dent occurs. This leads to build of pressure on the dent. The adjacent area of the dent forces the dent to readjust. This causes the dent to get corrected itself. You need to apply this method cautiously with all the precautions. This method is known as the reverse dry ice method.

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6. Drill method

Drill method is used for fixing small dents on your car. You just need to use a drilling machine for making a hole on the dent of your car. After making a hole you need to pull up the dent with the use of appropriate tools. The dent pops out with pressure. You can fix other dents with the use f hammer and other tools. This is one of the cheapest existing methods for simple car dents repair.

7. Adhesive systems

There are various adhesive systems available in the market which is best known for fixing simple dents. You need to follow three steps to get your car dents repaired with this method. In the first step you need to apply the adhesive on the dent of your car. Then you need to tweak the adhesive device. Then you need to pull out the adhesive device. By applying the method, the dented portion of your car pops out and the simple dents get fixed. These methods are highly advantageous. You don’t have to be worried about the adhesive getting stuck to your car. Apart from that this method doesn’t affect the paint of your car.

Using a professional’s help is always recommended

It is always advisable to use a professional’s help for such kind of works. You mayn’t have the faintest idea if you are doing this for the first time in your. Even this is a kind of déjà vu for you, there is no guarantee that you will succeed once again. It is good to leave it to the professionals.

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