How To Keep Your Car In A Regular Maintenance In Singapore

The majority of the people try to work on their cars using DIY steps, just to save some money. Well, it is an undeniable truth that car servicing garage is best suited for an accurate result. You can try some DIY steps, but that will not help you in the end. This is for temporary satisfaction, but it will hamper the condition of your car more. You might never know the right time when you have to take help of car services unless it is the last moment. Therefore, to avoid such emergencies, it is important to get your car serviced, at regular interval to avoid negative circumstances.

Regular Maintenance In Singapore

Preventive maintenance and care services

To increase the lifespan of the car, you should try out for the reputed garage for help. These garages are here to offer clients with preventive care and maintenance services. Even if you are not facing any problem with your car, it is mandatory to get it served as soon as possible, just to check, whether the car is working perfectly or not. In case, any of the spare parts has to be removed or repaired; it can be done within the servicing area. So, you are free from being stranded in the middle of nowhere, as your car will work smoothly.

Hotline number for help

You never know the time when an emergency arrives. It can happen anytime. Therefore, it is mandatory to get in touch with the experts, who are always ready to pick up their hotline numbers. It is always important to keep the numbers handy, as you might have to call them anytime. Always ensure to get in touch with the companies, with good credentials, before jumping for the final response. The more reputation the car repairing company has, the better result you can avail from their side.

More on the maintenance features

It is important to keep the vehicle's fluid clean and new, as it is the number one priority. Moreover, these companies are also able to credit regular maintenance, as one of the most important ways of adding years to the life of your cars. The customers, who are about to cover maximum miles in the car, are those, who need consistent services with their cars. Therefore, it is better to get your car maintained, by booking for a service few months' back. You have to work fast and make a booking, or else; you might miss out the chance of maintaining the condition of your car.

Changing the oil frequently

There are some simple steps, which these professionals from reputed garages performed. They are going to change the oil in your car frequently for smooth functionality. This can even prevent the build up of some of the harmful deposits, which can otherwise rob power and fuel economy. Moreover, changing fuels on time will even help you to make the internal components work in a better manner. It is important to make ways for a hard working engine to run long, rather than getting it changed within the frequent interval.

Other services for you

Apart from the points mentioned above, these garages are known for offering some of the other packages, as well. They have separate packages for car interior cleaning in Singapore. In this package here, the cars are managed well from the interior. Here, dry cleaning methods are used for cleaning the seats from dust and dirt mites, and even the carpets, located inside the cars. As these carpets are made using rubber as the major material, therefore; wet cleaning techniques are used. Once you receive cars from the garages, you can use it immediately. The cars will be transformed as good as new.

Regular Maintenance In Singapore

Tips on Car servicing at home

While most of us can boast about cleaning our prized set of wheels all by ourselves including the interiors, the fact is that when it comes to taking mechanical care of our car, only a few owners know the "do's" and "don'ts" of car service at home. So, if you want to become a pro at servicing your car without any help from the workshop, follow these tips and guidelines.

1. Vacuum Cleaner:

A must have accessory, you can clean quite a bit of dirt under the bonnet, around various engine parts with a strong vacuum cleaner. Further, the same gadget can be used for interiors too. A good 12V socket powered cleaner will cost under Rs 750.

2. Tire inflator:

It runs from the 12v socket in the car and can help you keep a check on the tire pressure of the car. Needless to say, it comes handy in case you have a puncture in the middle of nowhere. A good inflator will cost less than Rs 1,000.

3. Filter cleaning:

It's pretty easy to pull out the air-filter of most cars. These require to be cleaned by a strong, compressed stream of air and for this, you will need a very strong vacuum cleaner. However, with a clean filter, there is a noticeable improvement in engine breathing and hence performance.

4. Battery water:

Apart from some high-end models, most car batteries need the occasional top-up of battery water. A bottle of distilled battery water hence comes in handy.

5. Battery terminals:

Check if they are tight and then clean and lubricate them accordingly.

Regular Maintenance In Singapore

6. Engine oil change:

This is your car's blood and needs to be changed every 10000 Km - 20000 Km depending on the model. For this job, you will also need to replace the oil filter (buy one from the workshop) and get hold of a special filter removal tool (easily available). Remember to drain the oil completely from under the car (from the sump) and dispose of the used and adulterated oil properly.

7. Coolant:

You can easily top-up the coolant in most cars by yourself. The period between two coolant replacements is quite long and hence refer to the owner's manual if it needs to be drained and changed.

8. A/C filter:

Before summer sets in, we recommend you to clean the air-con filter properly with a strong vacuum cleaner for best and effective results.

9. Spark plugs:

If you have the right tools, you can even remove the plugs, clean them and fit them back for proper firing.

10. Tool set:

A complete tool box set which contains all the necessary equipment for these basic service needs will cost around Rs 1500 - 2000. But then again, it's a lifetime investment that will come in handy forever!

Having your car serviced is an important part of extending the life and reliability of your vehicle. If you take the time to see that these and some other, vehicle maintenance steps are taken, then you can depend on your vehicle to last for many years. If you have questions about car servicing talk to a local garage in Singapore. But, whatever you do, don't ignore your vehicle! Being proactive is much better than having to be reactive.

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