Essential Car Servicing Tasks That Will Make Your Car Last Long

Your car is a valuable asset that needs to be maintained well in order to last for a long time. It also costs you a lot of money, so it is an asset that is worth protecting. The best way to ensure that you maintain your car in the right shape is ensuring that you service it regularly. Just by doing car servicing, it can make great difference in terms of its performance and durability. Doing the right maintenance also promotes safety and gives you peace of mind as you drive. In addition, car servicing helps you save a lot of money because you reduce major breakdowns.

Essential Car Servicing

To help you in this process, here are some of the car servicing procedures in Singapore that offer a lot of benefits to you.

Application of oil

The right car engine oil eliminates friction that occurs between the moving parts of the car engine and helps in heat dispersion. The oil acts as a beneficial sealant between cylinder liner and piston rings. This helps prevent combustion pressure from escaping and also works as a detergent. It also helps in preventing rust. To enhance engine performance of your car, it is advisable that you keep on checking the oil level of your car regularly. To ensure you get the best results, always use the right type of oil for your engine.


Your car tires should be maintained to maximize its safety and for up keep. You need to check the tires on regular basis and before you embark on a long trip. Make sure you check inflation bi-monthly when it is cold. In case you recognize some wear patterns that are abnormal, this shows that there are suspension or misalignment problems. If you note some steering vibrations, this is a sign that your car requires balancing. So, make sure that you do the balancing or hire a car servicing expert in Singapore to do it for you.

Power steering

Your car power steering fluid should always be filled to capacity. Therefore, you need to check it regularly through the reservoir that is indicated in the manual. It is advisable that you only use the right fluid and ensure you do not overfill the reservoir. If you realise that the fluid require to be filled regularly, you need to call a professional because this might show that your car has a major problem.

Essential Car Servicing


The battery of your car is a vital component of the electrical system and if it is not maintained in the right way or replaced, it can lead to breakdowns. You can check its working condition by looking at the battery terminals which must be tight and clean. Confirm that your car battery is secure. You can consider replacing it if it has lasted for three or four years depending on its longevity. The electrolyte level of the battery should also be right. The battery should only be topped off using distilled water.

Electrical components and light

These components include windows and horns. It is recommended that you look at your lights in a regular manner to ensure that they are working perfectly. You should only use the right bulbs and do testing of the horn and demisters in a regular manner.


The level of the transmission fluid must be topped the right level. It is wrong to burn or discolor the fluid. Be sure to check your car manual to find out the right fluid to use. Caring for your transmission can help you avoid some of the most expensive car services. The right maintenance can help in saving a lot of time and money that you would spend to replace your gearbox.


The cooling system of your car should be inspected while the engine is cold. It is not advisable to remove the radiator when the car engine is hot. The coolant level should also be checked regularly. If you note that the system needs frequent refills in the cooling system, then it means that there is a leakage somewhere which should be checked.

Essential Car Servicing


If your car brakes are grinding, squealing or even vibrating is a clear indication that they need to be replaced. In addition, if you realise that your car brakes are taking too long to respond, then it means that they are worn out. Always ensure that the brake fluid is full and use the right brake fluid always. In the modern times there are also car paint coatings that are chemically engineered in Singapore. They offer better protection and last for a very long time.


Checking the suspension of your car is very key to the overall safety of your car. It is advisable to do thorough check of all the components of the suspension regularly to look for signs of excess wear and physical damage. It is also possible to check the shock absorbers for fluid leaks. It is possible to check the suspension as you drive by looking at the steering wheel vibrations.

Performing the above car servicing tasks might not be as easy as you think. You will need to have great knowledge and skills on how to perform the job in the right way. To have a guarantee of getting the best result it is good to hire the best Singapore car service to help you in the process. Here are the benefits involved:
· Have your car serviced fast, thus no time is wasted.
· Professionals have the skills on how to handle all the tasks involved in the right way so you can be guaranteed of getting the best results.
· Car services in Singapore have liability insurance cover that protects you against all liabilities that might occur.
· Get the only approved spares and other components.


You do not want to handle your car servicing work if you are not sure of what you should do. A professional car service Singapore has the ability to do any type of work regardless of the complexity involved. You should not worry about the cost charged because the benefits you get surpass the cost involved.

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