Common Car Problems Every Car Owner Should Know

Cars are very great machines that one can possess. The only bad thing is the fact that they sometimes develop various problems. When our autos start displaying some complications, different ideas crosses our minds trying to diagnose what actually caused the complication, the amount of money needed to fix the issue, and whether we will need to purchase anything among other questions. That is the reason why it is recommendable for drivers or car owners to have basic knowledge about the common problems of cars today in order to know the amount of money you are going to spend & what you will need to fix the problem.

Common Car Problems

Flat Tire

This is the most common issue that most drivers encounter. Despite being a very common problem faced by most drivers, this is among the problems which is very easy to solve within no time. You are just required to have a spare tire, a tube & some other required tools for this job. they are very crucial in fixing flat tires.

Battery & Alternator

In case your car fails to turn on, or takes long to turn on, you might be probably handling an issue which is related to your car's battery or the alternator. The issue is very common and you do not need to be necessarily alarmed. Visit your mechanic to have that issue identified. The issue is relatively simple and cheap to fix. After fixing the issue, your car should be performing normally within no time.


Another car issue which is common and one that almost every driver is likely to face in their lifetime is when the shock malfunctions. In case you have realized that your car has started being bumpy of late as you ride, then it's high time you have the car diagnosed by an expert mechanic. In case the issue isn't that severe, your mechanic can reinstate the car to its normal functioning. However, in case the issue is severe, you might be needed to purchase brand new shocks & shock absorbers to replace thee the old ones.

Common Car Problems

Brake System

Few of your car's aspects are crucial as compared to the brakes. Having said that, they have not been made to last for long. The 3 main parts which require tuning or replacement every now and then are your brake pads, the rotors as well as the calipers. Though the repair is not cheap, handling your braking system is cheaper as compared to handling other issues.

Electric System

Electrical issues are commonly ignored to the point when they cause serious damages to your car. This can be easily avoided by often checking electrical equipment in your car. To do that, just turn every electrical equipment which your car possesses. When everything is working well, it is a clear indicator that the electric system is good. When you notice some issues, it means that you have to deal with the issues the soonest possible.

Hoses & Belts

The engine has a system for hoses and belts which helps your car to function accordingly. When the hoses or the belts breaks, you will get yourself into trouble. The good thing is that the identification of these problems is very simple. Begin by opening up your car's hood and inspect the hoses & belts manually. When you notice any tears or cracks, ensure to have a replacement. You can similarly turn on the engine to listen whether there are strange squeaks & squeals. This is going to give you a good idea whether everything is working correctly.

The ignition will not start

Just as what you watch in movies, ignition is yet another problem which is common. The car just cranks but fails to start; the problem is common among cars as well as other vehicles. This problem can be easily fixed in just a short time or even take days together with huge amounts of cash in case the problem is severe. There are several reasons as to why this problem occurs.

Engine noises

The engine might make various types of noise. Every noise has a different meaning and requires its own approach. For instance, when you have some engine valve noises, you are required to check the valve-train components. Issues might be emanating from much wear on the rocker arms ends, the valve stems & cam followers.

Rust & body damages

Though this is not a serious as compared to the issues involving the engine, rust & body damages are very prevalent in the older vehicles which have not been maintained correctly. Much rust is going to be visible to your eye. However, you must check underneath your vehicle and some other inconspicuous parts for deterioration signs. If you notice any rust on your car's engine, then your car must have had serious issues. Just avoid this kind of vehicle by all means.

Common Car Problems

Cracked Windshield

Your car's windshield is yet another fragile & crucial part of a vehicle. In case the windshield is cracked, it is best to fix the issue as soon as possible to avoid going to the extreme. Failure to fix the problem on time as soon as you notice the crack is going to put you & your family too in danger.

Fluid Leaks

Your car needs huge amounts of different fluids in order to function properly. In case your vehicle leaks fluids, you are likely to experience various issues. Some of these issues include: air conditioning loss, overheating of the engine, or something else. One can detect fluid leaks by checking underneath their parked car to see whether they can notice any puddles. However, sometimes this leak will be too small to be noticed immediately. The best thing that one can do is having a mechanic looking under the car's hood. Fixing the leaks is very simple and doing so prevents any costlier issues from happening in future.


Having some general knowledge about the common car problems as well as how you can fix these issues will definitely help in knowing the actual car's problem as well as the cause of that problem. Apart from gaining knowledge about your car's problem, it will similarly help you to keep you & your family very safe. Also, it is going to help you in saving cash when you handle the problem before it worsens.

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