All About Your Car Maintenance Checklist

If you drive a car, then you must need to do proper maintenance of your car for regular work. However, we need to deal with dozens of things including family, work and similar other things in our life. Because of that many time we ignore the care basic maintenance and that lead you to bad situation as well. And when they get their car into maintenance then they miss a number of things as well that affect the situation of their car. In case, you are also in the same situation and you have no idea about it, then here is a car maintenance checklist that you should check after each car servicing.

Car Maintenance

Air filters condition:

In your car maintenance checklist, air filter of your car should be one of the most important things that you should check. Air filters of your care are responsible for the proper flow of air and it keeps debris out of the engine. If the air filter is properly installed and properly working, then it can reduce the emission as well and increases the life of your engine. This is not a costly thing to change, but people many times ignore it and that end up paying a big price for this mistake. So, I am sure, you would not want to make this mistake and make sure you will add it in your car maintenance checklist.

Oil condition:

It does not matter what car you own or what is the engine capacity of your car, if you will run it with rusty or used oil for a longer time, its engine will stop working completely. And once your engine gets jammed, you will have no other option other than overhauling the entire engine. That is a lengthy process and that takes a lot of money and time. But you can certainly avoid that just by adding the oil replacement in your car maintenance checklist. You shall simply change the oil in every three months or three thousand miles to keep the condition of your car in a good situation.

Check your tire pressure:

If you want better performance and long life from your car, then it is extremely important that you check your car tire has pressure as per needed. If you will have excessive pressure in it, then on the long run it can burst because air expands with heat that generates during long driving. And if you have less pressure in the tires then it will not perform with optimum level. So, make sure you do not finish your car maintenance checklist without adding tire pressure into it. As far as pressure is concerned it can vary depending on your car and other factors, so following the advice from your car manufacture would be the only thing that I would suggest to you.

Car Maintenance

Check light condition:

Driving your car with dim or low light is just like driving with improper visibility. If you cannot see what is on the road, then you cannot avoid that it can lead you to an accident. That is why it is necessary that you have properly working light in your car and you should include this check in your car maintenance checklist. This checklist should have a check for all the lights including dimmers, back lights and other things that can help you drive safely in the night.

Check all the signals:

In Singapore, it is neither legal nor safe to turn without giving a proper signal to other people on the road. You can do that only if you have properly working signals in your car. That explains why checking signal is also very important in your car maintenance check list. Therefore when you go out it is a good idea that you check all the signals of your car after servicing. If any of the signals or horn in your car has some issues, then make sure you get it repaired before going out.

Condition of coolant:

In your car, coolant is also very important for the proper functioning of your car and if you don’t have it in optimum level, then that would be a bad thing for your car. To avoid this issue, it is a good idea that you check the condition of your car coolant as well in your car maintenance. In fact this should be an important thing for your car and you should include this as well in the car maintenance checklist for better result.

Car Maintenance

Check the breaks:

I am sure, you would not like to go out on the road in your car unless it does not have properly working breaks. That is why, it is extremely important and essential to have properly working breaks and you should have that in your car maintenance checklist. This break check should include everything such as break wire, break oil and other things. It will be a simple thing for you to keep your car in a good situation for driving.

Is it washed properly:

I am sure, you would like to have a beautiful and nice looking car and you can do that by keeping your clean all the times. For better result, you can always have this in car maintenance checklist and you can know about it easily. Along with washing, you should also wax your car in a proper manner and that will help you get the beauty of your car intact. This seems a simple task, but doing this is much difficult if you don’t have right help. Hence, make sure you wash check this as well in your car maintenance checklist and you do things regularly for better result.

In addition to this, it is also important that you get your car serviced on regular interval. If you don’t have a schedule for your car maintenance, then you may have various problems in your car. Also, when you choose any agency for your car maintenance, then make sure you choose right service provider to have the best experience with your car.

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