How to Repair My Car Aircon

The aircon in your car is an important part. It makes you and your loved ones’ journey comfortable and easy. It is important to note that even when you're driving the vehicle for a short time, with a good aircon, you will make it comfortable and easy.

Car Aircon Repair

However, car aircon spoil can occur in your vehicle. It is, therefore, you get it serviced/repaired at regular time intervals. This will help keep the aircon in optimal working condition. It will preclude unexpected failure of the aircon. It will help prolong the life the aircon in the long run. It may be difficult to know that your car aircon has some issues or is going to have them. You need to consider certain conditions in which you need to get the car air services without committing further delay. You may experience smelly air in the car.

Your car aircon may exhibit problems thus: the aircon system will emit no cool air or will do little. Or it may emit too cool water. In such conditions, you need to get the aircon serviced.

The aircon system in your car consists of six main parts, namely the compressor, the evaporator, the condenser, the expansion valves, the receiver drier, and the refrigerant. It is important to know how they work and bring out best results.

The compressor

The compressor the most significant part of your car aircon and is expensive. The compressor runs the entire aircon system. It is run by a belt attached to the engine. You need to ensure it gets regular maintenance. It should be lubricated with proper grade lubrication. This will reduce the risk of beforetime failure.

Spot the aircon in the engine bay and check if the if the centre of the pulley is running with the pulley as a whole.

If the clutch is not engaged mode, it means the compressor is gone and needs replacement or it may need refrigerant.

Start the car and switch on the aircon on high. Check how the air is feeling. It can be cool or warm and should not be cold.

Check whether the cooling fans for the radiator run. If they are not, then there is some issue in power. It may be necessary to replace the car air filter to increase airflow.

Check for leakages

You may buy leak detection kits and use them to spot any leaks in the car aircon. The detectors contain a sort of dye. When running through the lines, they will leak out through cracks or may seep. If you identify any leaks, you need to take the vehicle for aircon servicing. If there is no leakage the issue is refrigerant.

Car Aircon Repair


When the aircon has a low amount of refrigerant, it’s time to check the refrigerant.

When the refrigerant level is low, the system has work harder. There may be leakage of the refrigerant. As a solution, you need to refill refrigerant.

To add an additional amount of refrigerant, you need to first get the vehicle ready for filing the refrigerant.

To buy the correct grade refrigerant, check out the year of manufacture of your car. If it needs R12 refrainment, you need to take professional help. You cannot do it yourself.

Check power cables

The compressor has a wire going to the electric clutch. Unplug the connector. Take a piece of wire from the compressor to the positive terminal of the battery. If you hear high clacking sound, it means the electric clutch is working. If you need to replace the compressor, you need to do it by professionals.

To add refrigerant other than R12:

If you find the refrigerant is less than required, it is important to add the new amount of refrigerant.

Check the ambient temperature. That is the temperature at the time in the environment. if you know the ambient temperature, it will help you check the gauze on the can of refrigerant.

Find the lower side service port in the aircon system. There are two service ports. When recharging the aircon, find the lower side service pot.

To find it out, just go along the lines from the compressor and go head until you get a nozzle at bottom of the vehicle. Check out with your service manual.

Clean the service port with a cloth piece. Ensure you don't clog the service port with debris or grim by wiping the port. You can use brake cleaner spray.

Now connect the home to the lower side service port - the hose should connect the nozzle on the gauze and the can. Take the hose length such that it is long to connect to the port with no need of placing the can in the engine bay.

Car Aircon Repair

To refill the refrigerant

Open the seal on the can. Refer to instruction on the can on how to open.

Hold the can in an upright position. As the refrigerant goes to the vehicle's engine, keep the can upright and shake it.

If you turn the can to side, it will fail to refill. Occasional shaking will continue to maintain the force.

Check out for leaks

Remove the charging hose and keep the can in cool place. If the can is empty, you can dispose of.

If there is any leakage in the compressor, the best solution is to take the help for profession service thanks to the need for the special tools and expertise that is required. If there are leaks or blockage, it is easier to fix during regular maintenance.

Car aircon spoil can occur at any time. Always read the owner’s manual provided by the manufacturer when bought the car. In case you are unable to fix the issues in the car aircon, taking the help of professionals is a great idea. Be aware that motor vehicle aircon repairs are governed by environmental regulations. You must look for professional services providers. When you get into the car, you get smelly air from the aircon, it’s time you should check it out fix the issue. Also, regular maintenance of your car aircon will help reap fuel efficiency.

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