Car Servicing - What You Need To Know

This is a run of maintenance process that is done at a specific time or after a long distance travel. The maintenance procedure is always specified by respective vehicle manufacturers in a schedule known as service schedule. Servicing basically involves the act of testing and inspecting car systems such as engine and fluids. Worn out parts are replaced to avoid further damage.


As noted earlier, the whole procedure is entailed in a car schedule. This often varies depending on the car model, year and driving conditions. Ideal service schedule is always recommended. It usually bases on important parameters such as:

- Long distance travelling
- Climatic conditions
- Type and nature of roads used
- Distance and number of trips covered per day

After the service is completed, it is always recorded in a service book then stamped by the service center. This service book is important especially when one is considering re-selling the vehicle. Some common maintenance tasks include

Changing the engine oil

There are various types of engine oil depending on the model you have. There are two common types of engine oils: synthetic and non-synthetic. Synthetic oil lasts longer compared to non-synthetic. The main function of engine oil is reducing wearing out on engine parts, inhibiting corrosion and cleaning the engine. It is however important to change the oil in line with manufacturer’s recommendations. Regular oil changes improve car performance as well as reducing repair cost.

Replacing oil filter

Oil filter is responsible for filtering dirt and rust substances from engine oil. The oil filter must be replaced whenever the oil engine is changed. You can also use distance covered to ascertain when it is the right time to change oil filter.

Spark plugs

Spark plugs helps in igniting compressed fuels as well as creating car combustion. Different vehicles have different number of plugs and life span. Expensive ones last longer compared to cheap ones. Most Singapore cars have 4 spark plugs.

Brake work

Car brakes are susceptible to wear and tear this is due to their huge role while the car is in motion. Two pieces of brake pads are always fitted on each wheel. One common sign that drivers use to ascertain whether their brake pads are worn out is the noise which is heard when braking. Experts will evaluate the condition and change or repair when necessary.


There are various services that are done on tires. This may be inflating, balancing and replacing as well. It is recommended to rotate the tires after every 10,000 km covered. This helps in wearing out evenly. Alignment should also be done after 20000 km.


Power steering fluid

This is a lubricant that is applied in the power steering. It is recommended to change this fluid one you start noticing that the steering wheel becomes heavy. Another alarm to this problem is when you hear funny noise while turning the steering wheel.

Inspecting the timing belt

Any worn out belt should be replaced immediately. Worn out belts always result to overheating belts have to be changed after every 50,000 km. life span of a timing belt is about after 10,000 km. various belts fitted in a car include water pump belt, timing belt, alternator belt and aircon belt.

Replacing of battery

A battery is a very important component in a vehicle. A car cannot move unless a working battery is installed. Old batteries pose great danger especially when on a long distance journey. Make sure to use the recommended battery for your vehicle’s specification. Replacing a battery can be quite expensive thus it is important to take care of your battery through regular checkup. This is done by specialists who are easily found in Singapore.

Re-spray services

Giving your car that new look is always a great idea as far as body maintenance is concerned. It gives your car a new meaning. Scrapes and bumps on your car can be easily solved through re-spraying the whole vehicle. Servicing experts in Singapore can help you enhance the beauty of your car through top-notch services. A good looking car will not only revive its beauty but helps in boosting your self-esteem and public confidence.

Checking the electrical system

It is also important to go through the electrical system to confirm if they are working properly. It is advisable to seek assistance from specialists when you suspect any electrical problem. Another area that relates to electrical system is checking if all lights and wipers are operating properly.

Air conditioner

Air conditioner is important since it helps you to regulate the condition in your car. With the help of an air conditioner, you can comfortably adjust the type of air you need. They should be checked regularly for any problem to be fixed on time.


Various parts of the car always rely on lubrication for their efficient performance. These parts include clutch and brakes. It is thus important to grease and lubricate these parts. You can easily notice that an area needs to be lubricated through producing of funny sounds due to friction.


Auto transmission fluid

This is a lubricant found in the gear box. It is advisable to change thus fluid after covering around 25,000 to 30,000 km as well as flushing the gear box for each 50,000 km covered. Flushing basically involves draining out the auto transmission fluid in the converter.

Washing the vehicle

Cleaning the vehicle also helps maintain the car. Regular cleaning boosts its durability. This can be done through washing the exterior with a car wash as well as cleaning the interiors.

These are some of the common services one needs to dwell on when servicing your car. Car servicing has various benefits. We will look at some of the advantages of servicing your car. This includes;

- Reliability
- Fuel economy
- Car value

Reliability simply means that taking good care of your car will make it available when you need it to hit the road. Value of a serviced car always tends to be higher since it is in a good condition. A serviced car also helps in saving fuel. This is because all parts which can lead to fuel wastage are fixed.Mow you know what to do and what not to when taking your car for servicing.

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