Car Aircon Servicing For The Best Performance

Keeping your car well air conditioned improves the comfort of the time spent in it. It helps you withstand the hot weather conditions by providing cool and fresh air in the car. Other than just opening the car windows, this is an excellent way of handling the temperatures. The aircon servicing should be done regularly with the highest duration being 2 years. Poor maintenance leads to a smelly car aircon which is as a result of bacteria and micro-organisms build up. This messes with your comfort and there are those people who develop some sicknesses as long as they are in the car. Others complain of headaches resulting from the bad smell. Proper car aircon servicing is therefore very important and here are some major guidelines on how to service car aircon.

Car Aircon Servicing

Why do you need Car Aircon Servicing

You can be frustrated sometimes when you have parked your car in the outdoors when the environment is so hot, any time you come to open the door and be met by the hot stuffy air and smelly car aircon which makes everything becomes a frustration. This means that you have to crank the air con to full blast which may also mean that you have to wait for some time for the inside of your car to cool down before you get in start your journey. You may also need to open the doors wide open to enable fast cooling so that you can get in and drive to where you want.

How to service car aircon

You find that sometimes you have a smelly car aircon which release some smell and odor that may be uncomfortable especially if it has been long since the last time you had some air con servicing. The smelly condition may be as a result of different reasons such as clogged oils and grease and also trapped dirt and dust. Your car needs the highest level of maintenance for high performance all the times and also preventing the issues of breaking down. This reduces the cost of extreme repairs thus saving you a lot of money that you can save for other needs. Most people fail on the part where they wait until the car totally breaks down some important parts and they end up spending a lot on repairs and spare parts replacement.

What you need to know about your car air con

You sometimes realize the air con of your car is not function thus not cooling your car or it may be cooling your car very slowly. Sometimes the temperatures get extreme where the weather patterns change and become unpredictable thus forcing you to ensure that the aircon is fully functioning to cater to your needs when the weather changes. Failing to cool down the car may indicate that you need to re-gas the air con to bring back high performance. You realize the evaporator of the aircon is the most important part as it is designed for dissipating away from the heat from the car for maximum comfort.

The evaporator works in an excellent design where it absorbs the heat, converts it into vapor and through compressing process, the vapor is finally converted to cool air which is then circulated into your car thus promoting the most comfortable environment that you have ever wanted. These many processes expose the evaporator to harmful elements and corrosion which might cause severe damages which may force you to overhaul the entire air con system.

Car Aircon Servicing

Maintenance and repair

To ensure that the air con maintains its best condition, you always need to take your car for regular servicing. This is the part that you always need to look for an expert or a skilled mechanic who understands the air con parts of your car model where they can do the regular servicing. The major parts involved in air con servicing includes servicing the electrical parts and wiring to ensure that power circulates effectively to all the required parts. They will also service the condensers, the compressors and all the other technical parts that make up the entire air con of your car and also regas to ensure that it is in the best condition and working with high performance.

The best time to regas

Different car models air cons take time before showing any inconveniences, but it is always good to regas over a 1 to 2 year period for the sake of the compressor which usually gets to work extremely under high pressure. You will find that some of the car air cons might run up to a period of over 5 years without showing any indications of developing issues but you have to know that even the best car air cons loose over 10 percent of the gas during the daily performance over the year thus turning to a smelly car aircon. This brings up the necessity to regas at least once annually which eliminates the risks of any potential problems building up slowly without your knowledge thus preventing the air con to break one day unexpectedly when you need your car the most.

Air con leakage

You will sometime notice that the air con is leaking to an extreme that you might not realize until extreme damage is done. But in some cases, it will be normal to realize some leakage before re gassing. This is why it is important to regas on regular basis as the leakage sometimes be so small to discover. When you find that the aircon is not functioning well, this might be a sign that it is leaking and the time to regas is due.

All these issues bring the idea that the aircon requires expert servicing. The good thing with professional mechanics is that they have the right equipment to handle the air con to prevent any damages. All the drive belts, valves, pulleys, refrigerant, hoses, condenser, temperature reading system. They also add new oil for the refrigerant and also test the vehicle for air vent performance and temperature.

Car Aircon Servicing


Whenever you realize that you have a smelly car aircon or it has been long before you had performed any aircon servicing, you can always find the most reliable experts and professional mechanics to work on the smelly car aircon. They know how to diagnose the problem easily and rectify where you will also learn how to service car aircon so that you can help yourself whenever you run into problems whenever you are far away from a helper. They will always charge you an affordable cost and make sure the car aircon is in the best condition.

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