Tips To Car Maintenance For Beginners

Regular and timely service of the car is a pledge of its long and efficient service. It requires not only constant attention but also expenses. But these costs do not go to any comparison with the costs that will begin when a car breaks down. If you properly care for the car, you can not only get rid of the hassle but also save in the long run.

Car Maintenance

Let's start in order. The most important thing in car care is scheduled maintenance. You should not be afraid of the word “planned”, scheduled maintenance is not a repair of a suddenly broken car, it is preventive measures aimed at preventing breakdowns.

Before you get into the engine compartment, carefully study the manual for your car. Many motorists ignore this book, which they soon regret.

Trite, this instruction can help you figure out what liquid to fill in one or another tank and not confuse anything. It also indicates how often it is necessary to change the engine oil and all sorts of filters, and this is not the latest details in your car.

Many people underestimate the importance of carrying out maintenance work related to the car. It is better to spend the day studying instructions than to pay for expensive repairs.

However, it is not always necessary to open the hood for certain procedures before the trip.

Before getting into the car - go around it from all sides, inspect for the presence of any mechanical damage. Next, turn on the headlights - both low and high beams should work. Be sure to be in working condition sidelights and brake lights.

Before you start the engine, sit in the car and press the brake pedal, if the pedal does not “fall” on the floor, then you can go. According to the instructions, before each trip, it is necessary to check the oil in the engine, the level of antifreeze, the oil in the barrel of power steering, brake fluid, the fluid in the barrel of the washer.

Do not forget to check tire pressure at least once a month, preferably more often. Also, watch the condition of the tire tread, this is a very important aspect of prevention: with a lot of tire wear, the likelihood of accidents increases several times. In addition, old tires can gradually lead to an imbalance of the wheels, which, in turn, may affect the safety and performance of other units.

You may not know how to change the engine oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, but you need to know how to check the level of the remaining fluid.

With a shortage of oil, due to oil starvation, KSHM parts (a crank mechanism) will overheat. When heated, the metal expands, which leads to jamming of the piston group, tearing at the crankshaft, breaking the connecting rod, etc. Thus the engine will fail, which would entail its repair or even replacement.

If there is a lack of antifreeze, overheating of the crankshaft, the cylinder head, the cylinder block itself is possible, which will also contribute to the failure of the engine and its overhaul.

The levels of liquids in each car are different, the location of the tanks for the maintenance of these liquids also differs. Therefore, refer to the first tip in this article and again, but carefully, read the instruction manual of the car.

Always keep an eye on the oil level; for this, a car is provided with a dipstick that will “tell” you how much oil is left in the engine. It is worth paying special attention to checking the oil for "cleanliness".

You can easily determine the condition of the oil - it is clean or dirty. This knowledge will help you to save quite a lot of money, although at first glance it is not clear where such savings can come from.

If due to problems with oil, the engine fails, you will have to spend a lot of money to repair it. Change the oil more often, your car will be "satisfied" - that's your savings.

Car Maintenance

The next tip will be with power belts. Do not believe the rumors that the drive belts are changed in all vehicles with the same frequency. For each car has its own life belts. With inadequate control over this detail, serious problems can arise.

Such problems are very difficult to solve in field conditions - on most modern cars it is not easy to get to the drive belts. We'll have to take the car to the car wash, under its own power, it will not reach.

If the drive belt is torn, it will be necessary to pay a very impressive amount for engine repair. At breakage of belts on most cars, the valve pressure. If this happens at high speed - breaks the cylinder head. All this leads to a major overhaul of the engine. No matter what the complexity of this repair will be - spending, in any case, will be significant. The frequency of replacement belts - an important thing. Terms of their replacement can be found all in the same instructions for the car.

Now it is worth talking about the cabin filter because it passes through itself what you breathe. Change the cabin filter in time, because it is your health.

As strange as it sounds, the car also "breathes." The engine air filter also needs to be changed in a timely manner. The frequency of replacement depends on the area in which the vehicle is operated. The more polluted the terrain, the more often change the filter.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the spark plugs also require replacement. At occurrence on them, a deposit will increase fuel consumption. Replace the candles for new at least every 15 000 km. In the case of using iridium or platinum candles - every 30-40 thousand km.

Here are some simple recommendations that can increase the life of your car. Good car - happy owner!

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